Thursday, July 17, 2008


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Thank you for taking time in reading our blog. We hope you learned something from it. Have a nice day. Take care!!! :)


N207 Students said...

Nice blog! congratulations! Really, caring is the universal factor in nursing that makes us-nurses-unique individuals. Let me share a quote I found a book (forgot the title)- "When medical science has nothing left to offer a patient, that's the opportunity that a nurse has everything to offer to the patient"...

issae guadalupe said...

what can I say? you really made it guys... I really must agree with you that caring indeed is the essence of nursing..I guess this will serve as a reminder everytime we think of leashing out our anger to our patients because of so many reasons(lots of orders to carry out,not compensated well, we are tired or we woke up on the wrong side of the bed!)You see amongst the people in the health care team, we create the greatest impact in the lives of our patients. It is indeed very important for us to realize that we are not in this field because of how much were going to benefit from it but because we responded to a calling of which is to serve the humankind. I think its high time we examine our selves and internalize if we have been in fact a caring nurse ever since we became one!!!

Again.. to the beautiful people of your group.. in behalf of my group (Peplau's)congratulations and I have to commend you for the colorful background(uups.. cant help it!! , im very visual he he..)

N207 Students said...

Hello! Job well done! It's really true that many heads is better than one... Just kip up the good work. TLC is still the best policy for nurses and other health team members.

elvieabanico said...

It will serve as a wake up call for us nurses on the true motive why we accepted this profession. Is it all about money or because we want to help people who are in need of our care to get well. It is one way of telling to the world what makes a nurse different from other health profession. Its the CARING ATTITUDE WE HAVE THAT MAKES US DIFFERENT AMONG THE REST. To the Group I, its a JOB WELL DONE. I just wish that this blog of yours could be placed in every hospital newsletter to make them aware of the true value of a caring attitude. Especially, for us, nurses who have a direct influence on the lives of our patients. This will also serve to wake the nurses in their deep slumber....

charmed_asstig said...

in behalf of group I, I would like to thank you for your comments. your nice words and appreciation help eradicate all our stresses and problems encountered during the making of the blog...

we have a purpose of reminding ourselves that we are called for to care.. so if ever "toxic" situations arise, just keep in mind, "OUR PATIENTS CALLED US TO CARE.. "

N207 Students said...

"sleepless nights of ms. charmaine pecson is really worth it!... very inspiring and touching articles about watson with a beautiful background hehe... just a little enlargement of the font size will make it better? no more? its not needed because its too cute! hehe... job well done chammy...."

mayang said...

i love the colors and the fireworks on the GROUP 1 BLOG graphics hihihi

indeed caring is the essence of nursing. I positively believe that caring can change the world. With Jean Watson's theory, the nursing profession is being held in pedestal pointing a significant role in making a difference when CARING is given high importance.


charmed_asstig said...

thanks for your comments! :)

it's not only me who's having sleepless nights but the other people in my group who have been responsive and cooperative. they really showed that they're just a text away.. as in, isang text lang ang bilis ng reply. hingian mo ng texts/articles, right then and there, you have a new email received!! galing talaga ng mga kagroup ko!!! I for INSTANT!!!

i would also like to thank mam sheila for giving us the opportunity to make this group task. it was indeed one gud way of knowing our classmates especially our groupmates.. :)

what calls us more to care is to show it in a way that is beyond technique. interventions are written in the book but how we deliver it (with tender love and respect for our clients) sets us apart from the other nurses in the world. we show our individuality in our means of providing care and indeed, I considered Jean Watson as an institution in the establishment of a noble caring profession... :)

_charmaine pecson_

charmed_asstig said...

i would like to ask apology for the text. i know it's a bit small to look at but actually it wasn't that small in the original image. I encountered some problems with posting the our blog because the image will appear smaller than expected, not in a "what you see what you get" mode, so before the final image was made, i guess i made 5 revisions of that before its final posting and still it didn't appear that big. we had to catch up with the deadline that time so we had to post it asap...

feel free to post your comments.. thank you... _chamee_

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Henrries Dan said...

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