Friday, July 15, 2011

Group B-Goal Attainment Theory

“A professional nurse, with special knowledge and skills, and a client in need of nursing, with knowledge of self and perception of personal problems, meet as strangers in natural environment. They interact mutually, identify problems, establish and achieve goals”--Imogene King. 

Know more about her and the Goal Attainment Theory....

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Group B "The Achievers"
  • April Jane Villanueva
  • Arbern Lim
  • Armie Maria Rodriguez
  • Arvie Arrieta
  • Bai Raiza Yvonne Mondia
  • Bernardita Laus
  • Brigitte Villaverde
  • Bryan Icban
  • Caren Aimee Gementera
  • Carla Jane Manalili
  • Cecilia Sandoval
  • Charitess Tiaga
  • Charlton Salonga
  • Charmaine Mendiola
  • Charo Adame
  • Cherry Anne Lagunzad
  • Christine Anne Gaviola
  • Christine Manialung
  • Christopher Banzuela
  • Christopher Cabanilla
  • Christopher John Leano
  • Leah Bernardo
  • Shameen Mohamad


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